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SANPURE® for protection against infections in public toilets


SANIT, short for for Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg GmbH, is a company in the international sanitary industry whose products are exported to more than 70 different countries all over the world. Originally founded as a handicraft business, SANIT has developed into a modern and successful company in the more than 70 years of its history. SANIT produces and sells modern products for front-wall installations, drain fittings, pipe aerators, toilet accessories, basins, bathroom fittings and swimming pool grates.

With its extensive range of toilet flush plates SANIT sets accents that convince the customer at first sight. Whether plastics, thermoset, glass or stainless steel – their high-value materials ensure appealing and long-lasting comfort. Whether with lighting, infrared, cable or radio release - the possibilities are almost limitless. Since the SWING flush plate from SANIT is in great demand, especially in public and semi-public areas - for example also in clinics or age-appropriate facilities - SANIT was looking for a partner for the application of an antimicrobial surface.

SWING, made of brushed stainless steel, is coated with SANPURE® by GBneuhaus, as this preserves the high-end look and appealing feel of the flush plate without any compromises. Thanks to added fluorescence particles, the coating can be made visible in UV light and can thus still be detected after a long time. Thanks to SANPURE®, SANIT’s SWING flush plate has an undisputable competitive advantage in the market. At SANIT, they are aware of the added value this joint project brings: "Thanks to GBneuhaus, our products can meet the current requirements of the market and ensure greater hygiene in the bathroom and toilet.”

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Modern locking systems hygienically safe thanks to SANPURE®

Founded in 1936 as a producing company for industrial metals, DOM Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG is now one of the leading manufacturers for innovative locking systems and digital entrance control systems in the world. The product range extends from practical solutions for the safety of single-family houses to modern digital entrance control systems for large buildings. 

To satisfy the people´s clearly extended awareness for hygiene in these days, DOM searched for a partner who is able to develop and applicate an antimicrobial coating. Numerous researches have shown that silver is the only chemical element that fights mould, bacteria, viruses and fungus, says Georg Schweyen, Quality Management Officer of DOM Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Based on a study of the German Ministry of Education and Research silver already indicates an antimicrobial effect when using only small particles. The silver is killing up to 99.9 % of the dangerous microorganisms. The topic was to realize this solution on the door handles and knobs of DOM.

Coating the door handles and knobs made of stainless steel has been realized without a problem. Developing an individual solution for the knobs made of fine zinc alloy was more laborious because the coating couldn´t stick to this material that easily. Thanks to the enormous knowhow of the R&D department at GBneuhaus, a fitting primer system that creates the basis of liability and guarantees long-term effectiveness of SANPURE® could also be found for this material.

"With the years of experience of GBneuhaus in innovative coating of metals with a coating solution whose main component is nanosilver it has been possible to make our digital door handles and the knobs of our digital locking cylinders hygienically safe.", finds Georg Schweyen, Quality Management Officer of DOM Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

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Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year 2021!


Our company with all of its employees thanks you for the loyalty, the friendship and the cooperation in this very special year. We wish all our friends and partners peaceful and happy holidays!

We are confident and we are looking forward to the challenges of the new year. May 2021 be a good year for you! Stay healthy! We are looking forward to see you again!


Because of the Christmas Holidays our company will be closed from 2020/12/23 until 2021/01/03.

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A sustainable coating for sustainable mobility


Thanks to GBneuhaus technology wallboxes made by ABL, which are used to charge electric vehicles, are protected against damages caused by mechanical influences and sunlight in the long term.

ABL trusts on GBprotect plastics - our UV-protection- and anti-scratch-coating - for a long time. The company from Lauf an der Pegnitz produces wallboxes and charging stations for private, semi-public and public use. ABL eMobility-products follow up on the technological tradition of the company. Founder Albert Büttner invented the SCHUKO-plug in 1925 which is todays most common standard for electric plug devices worldwide. With smart eMobility-solutions ABL continues this successful story and defines new standards by raising user-friendly charging infrastructure. The 3D front of the wallbox is made of translucent polycarbonate by injection molding. In opposite to 2D blanks, which are coated ex works, molded parts are unprotected and prone to scratches.

Thus ABL was searching for a individual coating solution matched to the gloss front of the wallbox which guarantees protection against scratches in the long term. Our UV-protection- and anti-scratch-coating GBprotect plastics offers optimal protection for the noble looking surface of ABL wallboxes. Coating polycarbonate is a simple task for us even if the wallbox has high optical requirements. Thanks to our powerful R&D department we quickly found an individual solution which is matched perfectly with the wallbox and guarantees an effective protection againgst damages caused by mechanical influences or sunlight while optical and haptic properties are retained.

Peter Müller, head of R&D housing department at ABL rates the cooperation very positively: „ABL fulfills highest quality standards with its products. That also includes a protection of high gloss surfaces at charging stations with regard on scratch- and media-resistance. GBneuhaus nano coating technology offers an optimal protection in this case."

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Safe locks thanks to SANPURE®


In future, GBneuhaus GmbH will ensure hygienic safety on electronic locks. Such locks which i.a. used in office furniture and medicine cabinets are manufactured by BeCode. Locker systems and parcel systems are also part of the application area. BeCode was one of the first manufacturers to consistently rely on retrofittable and intelligent systems that automate the management of even large locking systems and thus make it considerably easier.

Since BeCode products are used in everyday office life as well as in public areas, the idea arose early on to make the products safer in the hospital environment with an antibacterial coating. The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to urgent efforts to add an antiviral effect to the coating. For this purpose, BeCode was looking for a suitable partner who is a pioneer in this field and is known as a quality leader on the market. This partner could be found with GBneuhaus.

The antimicrobial coating SANPURE® protects the surfaces of BeCode products long-term and permanently against viruses, bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. SANPURE® could be applied to the miniPAD combination lock quite easily, while the AIR + locks presented us with a little challenge. The coating of the chrome-plated parts built into it initially turned out to be difficult. Thanks to many years of experience in research and development, an individual solution could also be found here, which now guarantees permanent and long-term hygienic safety on BeCode locks.

Matthias Blunck, Director at BeCode Locks Ltd., is enthusiastic about the new cooperation: “From the inquiry to the implementation, everything went very well. This is how I imagine a professional collaboration!"

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Hygienic coating SANPURE® can be used in food industry


Our nanocoating to protect surfaces against viruses, bacteria and other dangerous pathogens – SANPURE® - was tested in handling on food. In the test report of TÜV Rheinland from September 15, 2020 the high-performance coating is certified that it meets the requirements of §31 LFGB. A stainless steel plate coated with SANPURE® was tested. This versatile solution in the fight for more hygiene can now also be used when handling food without hesitation .

Especially for potential customers it is a reason to be delighted because new approaches can finally be found in the handling of food. The advantages of SANPURE® can also be used by the food industry in the future: within a short time it kills viruses, bacteria and other dangerous pathogens with the help of the active ingredient nanosilver, thereby significantly improving the hygienic situation. Numerous studies have already proven this. In recent studies it has been shown that SANPURE® reduces the viral load by over 90 percent within just one hour. After 8 hours, over 99.99 percent of the viruses on the tested substrate have been killed. In the case of bacteria, this value is reached after 12 hours. Thus, the coating is a real guarantee for more hygiene and also extremely easy to use: Once applied, SANPURE® has a permanent and lifelong antimicrobial effect.

Especially in times of the pandemic, a big step has been taken with the latest approval. The hygienic demands of people have increased significantly in the past few months. With the help of SANPURE®, GBneuhaus customers can meet these demands. The decision for this solution shouldn't be too difficult for interested parties, after all, SANPURE® brings neither visual nor haptic changes to the substrate but only: an unbeatable advantage thanks to more hygiene.

Get more information about SANPURE® HERE

Your contact person: Andreas Bott, Sales Manager,, +49 3679 726049

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Aviation conference and hotel congress in Hamburg and Frankfurt


In November we will show our products at two professional events. The focus is on SANPURE® which is effective against viruses, bacteria and several other dangerous pathogens.

On 17th and 18th November we present this efficient nanocoating at the 10th Aviation Forum Hamburg. The big players in aviation industry like AIRBUS and Boeing take part in this event. Tickets and more information are availible here:

17th and 18th November 2020 • 10th Aviation Forum Hamburg • Messe Hamburg • hall A1 - booth M10


On 25th November we take part at a sustainability event in Frankfurt as a partner. This conference refers to the hotel and catering industry. Tickets and more information are availible here:

25th November 2020 • Nachhaltigkeit wagen - Chancen erkennen • Scandic Hotel Museumsufer Frankfurt

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A regional alliance contributes to a new understanding of hygiene


A lot of importance is placed on the spirit of community in the region of the Thuringian Forest. Local industries stick together and collectively develop innovative ideas: Improving the hygiene of door handles in the boutique hotel “Schieferhof” in Neuhaus am Rennweg by means of an antimicrobial coating by the company GBneuhaus GmbH is one such example of solidarity and mutual co-operation. This makes the hotel a pioneer in terms of hygiene across the continent.

Usually, the “Schieferhof” – a 4-star hotel at the heights of the Thuringian Forest – is well sought-after by tourists and individuals on business trips from all over the world. Guests appreciate the unique combination of tradition, nature, design and hospitality. A sophisticated kitchen only adds to the hotel’s charm and even draws in locals from the Rennsteig region as well. It therefore comes as no surprise that the hotel enjoys a large number of visitors all year round.

The Corona crisis hit hotel operators Rita Worm-Horn and her husband Lutz M. Horn hard: Tourism came to a standstill from one day to the next; serving guests was prohibited mid-March onwards in Thuringia by a new government regulation. Tough luck for the couple; but still no reason to bury one’s head in the sand. They decided to use the opportunites they found in the current crisis and sought out an exchange of thoughts with other companies in the region.

In the local network „obenauf-thueringen“, firms and their representatives know and respect each other and try to support one another. The companies exchange experiences and ideas; together, they foster cultural events, sports, voluntary work and education in the Rennsteig area. Constructive ideas to deal with the current situation came up quickly from this mutual co-operation. An empty hotel doesn’t bring in profits, but on the other hand represents a chance to initiate changes that are tough to implement when hotel activities are running in full swing.  

One such suggestion to support the “Schieferhof” in Neuhaus in finding its way out of the Corona situation stronger than before came from Michael Petry, Managing Director of GBneuhaus. The company provides a wide range of functional coatings for various kinds of surfaces. Without further ado, the door handles in the hotel were upgraded with an antimicrobial coating in order to offer future guests increased hygiene and safety and to set an example as a pioneer across Europe. The door handles in the “Boutique Hotel Residenz” in Masserberg, also owned by the couple Worm/Horn, are all set to be coated as well.

The specially developed coating “SANPURE” was applied to the door handles in the factory halls of the GBneuhaus, not far from the “Schieferhof” itself, by means of a spray coating process. “Once the coating hardens, the silver ions contained in the nanosilver have a lifelong antimicrobial effect; they neutralize bacteria, germs and fungi and effectively prevent their spread”, says Michael Petry. Additionally, past scientific studies have also proved the effectiveness of nanosilver against viruses.

Petry and his team are aware that dangerous pathogens don’t just pose a massive problem in hotels, but threaten hygiene in other areas too: “With our coating, we can provide a distinctly higher level of hygiene in many areas of public life as well.”

Rita Worm-Horn is pleased at the idea of making use of the opportunities currently available in the hospitality industry in spite of many other difficulties present. Her motto is to take action instead of just waiting for the crisis to pass. She is convinced that safety and hygiene will be high on guests’ priority lists in the future. With its newly coated door handles, the hotel in Neuhaus am Rennweg is not only a pioneer for numerous other establishments in the hospitality industry, but also an ideal for the betterment of hygiene at petrol pumps, in public transport or in medical institutions – to the satisfaction of visitors and guests.

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GBneuhaus takes up fight for better hygiene


In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the subject of hygiene now stands at the centre of focus like never before. Those who do not work from home meet larger groups of people only at their workplace now. This is exactly why the management at GBn decided to take up a number of measures in order to improve hygiene in the workplace. The first thing they did was to coat all the door handles in the building with an antimicrobial coating developed in-house in order to better protect their employees.

„The health of our employees is our first and foremost priority. We want to do our part to make sure that all of us get through this crisis healthy and unharmed”, says Managing Director Michael Petry. With SANPURE, one is guaranteed hygienic surfaces lifelong; something which could grossly contribute to increasing hygiene, safety and security in every aspect of public life. SANPURE kills bacteria, germs and fungi with the help of the active agent nanosilver. In the past, scientific studies have additionally shown that nanosilver can also be used effectively against viruses. With GBn’s well-established coating process, the company is in the perfect position to upgrade different surfaces with this functional coating. Glass, various metals as well as a variety of plastics can be coated in this manner. Once the coating is on the surface, SANPURE is effective lifelong and reduces germ contamination on the surface of the coated product considerably.

Door handles in public toilets, handrails in buses and ATM keypads are all surfaces that a multitude of people come into contact within a short period of time. However, these surfaces are cleaned or disinfected rarely, with large time gaps between cleaning cycles. “This is exactly where the risk lies. Dangerous germs can multiply and spread at an alarming rate between cleaning cycles. This is where SANPURE comes in; the coating ensures hygienic security even between cleaning cycles by preventing the growth of pathogens and reducing germ contamination”, says Petry.  

Over the past couple of years, the subject of hygiene has not been given the attention and importance it deserves. In Petry’s opinion: “Cost reduction cannot be awarded a higher priority than healthcare. These times that we now find ourselves in only serve to prove that it does not make sense to try and save money when it comes to our health. Illness always costs more, and not just financially. There exist multiple possibilities to aid and increase hygiene in our everyday lives- and we need to finally start making use of them.” By coating their own door handles, GBneuhaus hopes to set an example and further stress the importance of health and hygiene.


Nanosilver: How does it work?

When nanosilver comes into contact with moisture, silver ions are formed and travel to the surface of the object. Normal air humidity is more than enough to set this process into motion. Once at the surface, the silver ions come into contact with different pathogens (with bacteria, for example) and influence their metabolism in different ways. This makes sure that the pathogens “dry out”. The ions also affect the process of cell division, thus effectively neutralizing the spread of pathogens.





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