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As your service partner for functional surface coatings we offer a wide spectrum of various coating solutions. These coatings can be useful in nearly every field. To exemplify the diversity and efficiency of our coatings we have listed several examples of industries where coatings of GBneuhaus come into use:


In the interior, optimization can be achieved through functional coatings on many different surfaces, such as displays, gear knobs, steering wheels, buttons, covers or fittings. The antimicrobial and antiviral coating SANPURE®, UV and scratch protection coating GBprotect plastics, easy-to-clean coating GBhydrophobic and antistatic coating GBantistatic are ideal.

In addition, the transmission-enhancing coating GBantireflex can be used to optimize sensors. To protect the plastic parts on the vehicle from corrosion, GBprotect plastics can also be used outdoors, for example on headlights.


Nearly every surface which is getting touched by humans over a short period of time could be significantly more hygienic with SANPURE®. Our antimicrobial and antiviral coating prevents the spread of dangerous pathogens via surfaces like shopping cart handles, door handles, divider bars, doors of self-service shelfs, displays and more.

Plastics industry

Lifespan and appearance of plastic parts are constantly impaired by UV light and mechanical influences. Even minor damage caused by these effects is unsightly and, in the worst case, even negatively affects the function of the object. GBprotect plastics, the UV and scratch protection coating of GBneuhaus, protects plastic parts over the long-term and permanently from such annoying damage and extends the lifespan of the coated substrate in the long term.

For plastic parts that are used in the optical area, for example as covers, a finish with GBantireflex is ideal. This coating increases the transmission of UV-rays in a defined spectrum.

In addition, GBneuhaus provides the easy-to-clean coating GBhydrophobic, the antistatic coating GBantistatic and the Infrared-reflection coating GBheat reflex for the plastics industry. In this way, plastic parts can be used in an even more efficient and versatile manner.

Medicine, hospital and care facilities

Multi-resistant germs are still a major threat that lurks in hospitals all the time. Hygiene and protection against infection are also important tasks in nursing homes and similar facilities. With the help of SANPURE®, surfaces such as door handles can be protected long-term and permanently from dangerous pathogens, which decisively improves the hygienic situation.


Sensors have to reliably receive and transmit signals. In order to maintain and improve this function, both GBprotect plastics - to protect the covers from damage by scratches and UV light - and GBantireflex - to increase the transmission of light rays within a defined spectrum - can be used. In the outdoor area, the use of GBhydrophobic can also prevent the function of sensors from being impaired by water.

Door handles / locking systems / fittings

In the spread of infections, door handles play a role that should not be underestimated. Especially in public and semi-public areas, they come into contact with many people for a short time and are only cleaned irregularly. SANPURE®, with its antimicrobial and antiviral effect, ensures hygienic safety between cleaning cycles, as the coating kills viruses, bacteria and other dangerous germs.

Well-known manufacturers from the fittings industry already rely on SANPURE®. Follow these examples and refine door handles, locks or digital fittings with our antimicrobial and antiviral coating.


Traffic / public transport

Like in the automotive industry, the coatings GBprotect plastics, GBhydrophobic and GBantistatic can be used to achieve a noticeable improvement in terms of the cleanliness and service life of parts in the interior and exterior of vehicles.

The use of SANPURE® as an antimicrobial and antiviral coating also makes sense in public transport. Handrails in buses and trains, buttons for opening and closing doors or armrests - dangerous pathogens can easily spread from person to person on a multitude of surfaces. SANPURE® interrupts such chains of infection and kills bacteria, viruses and other pathogens on said surfaces over the long term and permanently.

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It is our creed to make the world a better place. To make this happen, it is important to be ready to involve. This is exactly what we do with our coatings every single day. Thanks to our versatile portfolio we can serve nearly any industry. Talk to us, tell us more about your wishes and we will help you to make your product even better and to achieve an unbeatable lead over your competition. Your benefit? Our service!