Your future
at GBneuhaus


Living and working on top – a special feeling

Life on the crest of the Thuringian Slate Mountains, 835 metres above mean sea level, is special in both summer and winter. The charming landscape around the medium-sized regional centre of Neuhaus am Rennweg and Lauscha is characterised by forests and mountain pastures, though also romantic valleys that have been cut deep into the countryside by clear streams that pour from the mountain springs and form unique biotopes. 

We work in an interesting and diversified business location that combines traditional and innovative companies and production methods.

Microelectronics, the glass industry, producers of chemical-pharmaceutical glassware, craftsmen’s trades and service providers along with companies with tourist offers dominate the region. We feel a bond to this region and its people and see ourselves as a part of it. We assume responsibility above and beyond our company and support clubs, schools, public institutions and social projects.

We always offer a wide range of apprenticeships and jobs in our company and have clear criteria for a compensation that is based on the company’s success, from workers in production right through to the managing director. We think in the long term, for a sustainable further development and safeguarding of our company and its employees.