Your future
at GBneuhaus

What we offer

Our employees are happy, which creates a good working atmosphere and contributes to everyone’s personal good luck. Contented employees form the basis on which we can impress our customers. Enthusiastic customers help ensure the long-term security of the company, and thus the long-term security of jobs.

This is where things come full circle. Since our foundation in 1991 with 12 employees we have grown steadily to today’s workforce of 120 people, all of them at our location in Neuhaus.

We see ourselves as a medium-sized, family-run enterprise, and this doesn’t relate just to the ownership structure. We prefer to base ourselves on a family structure. All age groups are represented in the company and we value the verve and drive of youth just as much as the experience and calmness of old age. We see the team as the focal point of our activities and, just like in a family, each has their role to play, but can also rely on the support of the others. We thus look for employees of every age, irrespective of their gender. We also assist our employees in their family affairs, for example by paying the kindergarten fees and offering free measures that are beneficial to their health. Our support also takes the form of coupons for material assets and luncheon vouchers.

We employ various models for working hours depending on the workplace. On the basis of a 38-hour week, we offer employees who work shifts up to 12 days additional compensatory time off through a capacity-controlled flextime model. We rely on trust-based working hours and goal-oriented work. It pays off for our employees if the company is able to achieve its goals. We let every employee share in the company’s success through incentive payments for the achievement of goals or bonus payments.

We welcome every idea and every improvement and we reward corresponding input within the scope of our suggestions scheme. Even ideas that are not implemented may be rewarded.

Private retirement provision is a topic that is close to our heart; we pay 50 euros each month into a company pension scheme with a retirement fund for every employee who completes their training or apprenticeship with us or who has been with us for longer than 5 years.

Training and further qualification are not just promises for us; we welcome further development and encourage our employees accordingly.