Made in Germany

Production at GBn

We are constantly improving our strength: the combination of coating material and coating process. Our production ensures that customers can integrate the coated parts into their products and supply chain without any problems.

Our production lines are designed for an efficient coating of both individual samples as well as large-scale series. The automation and flexibilisation of production is an immanent part of the further development of GBn. This process is of fundamental importance for improving productivity and maintaining the high quality of the products. We avoid standstill with a continuous investment rate and aim to substantiate and expand our market leadership in this sector. 

We secure our core know-how in the fields of materials and processes as well as in IT processes and plant engineering in the long term.

We involve our employees in the company’s success and base their compensation, from workers in production right through to the managing director, on the achievement of our common goals.

In terms of techniques and technology, GBn has state-of-the-art production facilities with a high level of automation. It is almost impossible to obtain this technology from outside; after all, it’s not a standard production process since we develop individual solutions for our customers. We plan, design and build a large share of our equipment and processes ourselves. A very sensitive field is climate control. Temperature and humidity have to be kept within very strict tolerances.

The production of the coating solutions is just as sensitive and is now carried out completely in our own plant. Thanks to our own production and the ability to adapt coating solutions, we do not depend on external suppliers. This makes adjustments at short notice and customer-based flexibility possible without excessive extra costs.

We care for not only the coating but also the development and adaptation of the layer design of new products for our customers. This means that they save considerable external costs and their development capacities are not bound outside their actual core competences.