SANPURE® for protection against infections in public toilets

Together with SANIT we declare war on viruses, bacteria and other dangerous pathogens in toilets.


SANIT, short for for Sanitärtechnik Eisenberg GmbH, is a company in the international sanitary industry whose products are exported to more than 70 different countries all over the world. Originally founded as a handicraft business, SANIT has developed into a modern and successful company in the more than 70 years of its history. SANIT produces and sells modern products for front-wall installations, drain fittings, pipe aerators, toilet accessories, basins, bathroom fittings and swimming pool grates.

With its extensive range of toilet flush plates SANIT sets accents that convince the customer at first sight. Whether plastics, thermoset, glass or stainless steel – their high-value materials ensure appealing and long-lasting comfort. Whether with lighting, infrared, cable or radio release - the possibilities are almost limitless. Since the SWING flush plate from SANIT is in great demand, especially in public and semi-public areas - for example also in clinics or age-appropriate facilities - SANIT was looking for a partner for the application of an antimicrobial surface.

SWING, made of brushed stainless steel, is coated with SANPURE® by GBneuhaus, as this preserves the high-end look and appealing feel of the flush plate without any compromises. Thanks to added fluorescence particles, the coating can be made visible in UV light and can thus still be detected after a long time. Thanks to SANPURE®, SANIT’s SWING flush plate has an undisputable competitive advantage in the market. At SANIT, they are aware of the added value this joint project brings: "Thanks to GBneuhaus, our products can meet the current requirements of the market and ensure greater hygiene in the bathroom and toilet.”

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