GBneuhaus takes up fight for better hygiene

Surface coating guarantees protection on door handles


In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the subject of hygiene now stands at the centre of focus like never before. Those who do not work from home meet larger groups of people only at their workplace now. This is exactly why the management at GBn decided to take up a number of measures in order to improve hygiene in the workplace. The first thing they did was to coat all the door handles in the building with an antimicrobial coating developed in-house in order to better protect their employees.

„The health of our employees is our first and foremost priority. We want to do our part to make sure that all of us get through this crisis healthy and unharmed”, says Managing Director Michael Petry. With SANPURE, one is guaranteed hygienic surfaces lifelong; something which could grossly contribute to increasing hygiene, safety and security in every aspect of public life. SANPURE kills bacteria, germs and fungi with the help of the active agent nanosilver. In the past, scientific studies have additionally shown that nanosilver can also be used effectively against viruses. With GBn’s well-established coating process, the company is in the perfect position to upgrade different surfaces with this functional coating. Glass, various metals as well as a variety of plastics can be coated in this manner. Once the coating is on the surface, SANPURE is effective lifelong and reduces germ contamination on the surface of the coated product considerably.

Door handles in public toilets, handrails in buses and ATM keypads are all surfaces that a multitude of people come into contact within a short period of time. However, these surfaces are cleaned or disinfected rarely, with large time gaps between cleaning cycles. “This is exactly where the risk lies. Dangerous germs can multiply and spread at an alarming rate between cleaning cycles. This is where SANPURE comes in; the coating ensures hygienic security even between cleaning cycles by preventing the growth of pathogens and reducing germ contamination”, says Petry.  

Over the past couple of years, the subject of hygiene has not been given the attention and importance it deserves. In Petry’s opinion: “Cost reduction cannot be awarded a higher priority than healthcare. These times that we now find ourselves in only serve to prove that it does not make sense to try and save money when it comes to our health. Illness always costs more, and not just financially. There exist multiple possibilities to aid and increase hygiene in our everyday lives- and we need to finally start making use of them.” By coating their own door handles, GBneuhaus hopes to set an example and further stress the importance of health and hygiene.


Nanosilver: How does it work?

When nanosilver comes into contact with moisture, silver ions are formed and travel to the surface of the object. Normal air humidity is more than enough to set this process into motion. Once at the surface, the silver ions come into contact with different pathogens (with bacteria, for example) and influence their metabolism in different ways. This makes sure that the pathogens “dry out”. The ions also affect the process of cell division, thus effectively neutralizing the spread of pathogens.





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