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Barrier protection

Unwanted chemical interactions take place on substrates through use or environmental influences. Substances can leach out of the substrate and jeopardise both the stability and resistance of the active agents. 

The permeation of gases and liquids in or through solids can also have a significant effect on their properties. Corrosion or other effects, for example, can lead to a considerable deterioration of the aesthetics, transparency and functionality. The application of a high-density, accurate functional barrier layer can counteract these negative processes and guarantee effective protection. The blocking effect suppresses the unwanted chemical interaction, thus improving the chemical resistance. Ingredients can be stored for longer periods and an adsorption of the active agents on the surfaces of the substrate is reduced. This effectively prevents substances from penetrating the surface into and out of the substrate.

  • barrier to protect against unwanted chemical interactions
  • effective protection against the leaching of components from the substrate
  • improved chemical resistance and stability of the substrate 
  • reduced adsorption of substances on the surface and longer storage periods possible
  • protection against surface clouding and loss of transparency 
  • protection of components and their functionality against chemical influences 
  • protection of aromas

GBprotect metal – Anti-corrosion coating

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